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How DocuSign Payments Helps People Avoid Overpaying & Pay on Time

Dallas-based consulting firm Texas Tax Protest represents homeowners who want to get their homes reappraised when they’ve been unfairly overvalued. But with a customer base that engages you because they watch their finances, how do you ensure prompt payment for your valuable service? Enter DocuSign.

Odett Pugliese, Operations Coordinator, says, “There’s a lot of paperwork and a short 12-day window to do it—the biggest challenge is getting clients to understand how time-sensitive it all is. It’s not our deadline, it’s the state’s!” But, she adds, “DocuSign really saved the day,” for both legal form submission and payment collection. Clients use DocuSign Payments to pay instantly, and both sides receive instant confirmation of the electronic payment as well. “It eliminates room for error,” Pugliese says, “not only on our part but our clients’ part.”